04/29/16 6:01am
There are so many vintage finds waiting to be discovered on the North Fork. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

There are so many vintage finds waiting to be discovered. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Spring is finally upon us and yard sale season is back!

Whether you’re looking for unique tchotchkes to decorate the mantel or are on the hunt for vintage clothing (or maybe an octagonal fish tank!), you’re in luck: Here are a few scheduled yard and tag sales between Shelter Island and Wading River from Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1.

Find a sale nearby, as listed in the Classifieds section of the April 28 edition of the Riverhead News-Review, the Shelter Island Reporter and the Suffolk Times. (more…)

04/28/16 3:35pm
Shelter Island's The Chequit. (Credit: Skye Gillispie)

Shelter Island’s The Chequit. (Credit: Skye Gillispie)

The Chequit is poised to begin its second year under owners Kevin O’Shea and David Bowd, who purchased the inn and restaurant from James and Linda Eklund in fall 2014.

While the hotel and Red Maple restaurant have been open throughout the year, the two men are rolling out a number of changes beginning this week as they mark the official start of the 2016 season.


04/28/16 6:03am

Credit: Alexandra Binder, courtesy photo

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. So what kind of gift will tell the mom in your life just how much you love her?

Well, if she loves Shelter Island, how about a necklace created with beads made from North and South Ferry receipts?

Certainly original … decidedly local. (more…)

04/26/16 4:22pm
DON BINDLER PHOTO A great horned owl with her offspring, photographed yesterday in Dering Harbor.

DON BINDLER PHOTO A great horned owl with her offspring, photographed yesterday in Dering Harbor.

Our friend Don Bindler took these photos in Dering Harbor yesterday, writing to us: “This great horned owlet, pictured with its mother, is getting ready to leave the nest and face the world. While most other birds are just building their nests, great horned owls breed in late winter and their young are out and about by spring.” (more…)

04/22/16 6:10am

Sitting room in converted barn with view to kitchen, USA

Here on the East End, a barn door is not merely a decorative note. Its also a nod to the past and homage to the farming tradition that has dominated this area since Europeans first settled here.

So when Jane Kosovsky imagined the home she wanted to build on her Southold property in 2003, she was thinking farm.

“I’m animal-oriented, and I wanted to blur the lines between the inside of the house and the outside, as far from a suburban family house as possible,” said Kosovsky, who installed two sets of barn doors inside her house. “The builder thought I was nuts, but he’s since brought people over to see them.” (more…)