Checklist: Ten activities with kids on Shelter Island

(Credit: Charity Robey, file)

(Credit: Charity Robey, file)

In his “adults only” column entry in this week’s edition of the Shelter Island Reporter, Islander Richard Lomuscio wrote about some of the many things Island seniors could do when their grandkids come to visit in the summer.

Of course, many of these activities can be shared by parents with their own children and are equally entertaining for residents and visitors to the island alike.

We decided to excerpt from the column — which you can read in its on entirety on — and create a checklist, so you can easily organize and prioritize the family activities you want to complete.

We hope you enjoy your summer on Shelter Island! 


• Visit one of our many beaches. They are all over and they are beautiful. Shelter Island beaches are quiet, clean and not crowded. Bring a cooler with food and beverages.

• Bring fishing poles and seine nets down to the beach with you. The children can swim, play in the sand, have their lunches, then drag the nets through the water and catch different kinds of baitfish. Who knows? Someone might get lucky.

• Teach  kids how to dig a few clams. Make sure you have a permit first, though.


• Get ice cream at the Tuck Shop.

• Eat gelato at Marie Eiffel’s.

• Grab a slice of pizza at Bella Vita.

• Order a taco at Star’s Cafe.


The library is always a good choice for a non-beach-weather day (37 N Ferry Road).

• Take a hike through Mashomack (47 S Ferry Road).

• The Greenport movie theater is now open and provides good evening entertainment (211 Front Street, Greenport).