Bogart & Broder to play at Salt

Nelson Bogart and Doug Broder regularly jam together on the front lawns of their homes on Shelter Island (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Nelson Bogart and Doug Broder regularly jam together on the front lawns of their homes on Shelter Island
(Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

“We know the way each other plays well enough that we have the confidence to know I don’t have to play that note because he’s going to play it.”

So says Nelson Bogart, one half of the music duo Bogart and Broder. That’s called music chemistry and the pair has it in spades. 

Come August, Shelter Islanders can see that chemistry in action when they perform every Thursday night from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Shipwreck Bar at Salt Waterfront Bar & Grill.

But it wasn’t music that initially brought the two men together. Both Shelter Island residents, the pair has been performing together for the last six years ever since they met while cycling.

“Doug and I are both real serious cyclists,” Bogart explained. “We hadn’t met yet and I went out for a ride on Sunset Beach and I guess I got lazy, because this guy passed me, so I sped up and passed him, then he’s by me and I try to catch up.”

Doug Broder picked up the story without losing a beat. “I said why kill each other, let’s ride together, and we did.”

Soon after meeting, the pair discovered they had a lot more in common than just living on Shelter Island. Both lived within 200 yards of each other. Both had moved to Boston after college to play music and both had played with many of the same bands. They decided they had to play together.

“It was easy to know we could play together” said Bogart. “The people we had played with in Boston had gone on to play with the Rolling Stones. We said, ‘why don’t we get together’ and we played for three to four hours the first evening, sitting on the porch watching the ferry come in.”

The two have been performing together ever since. Their music ranges from early 1920s and ’30s jazz to Motown.

“It’s heavily ’60s and ’70s, that’s kind of when we came of age,” explained Broder. “But there’s everything from country to R&B, reggae, Michael Jackson and current stuff.”

“When we have a steady gig, sometimes people from the island and off-island will come and sit in with us too,” said Bogart.

That steady gig will start Aug. 6.

Salt owners Keith Bavaro and Alison Bevilacqua are known for their love of music. Bogart and Broder have performed there regularly for the past three years.

“Keith and Ali are absolutely terrific,” said Bogart. “Keith employs musicians and some days, maybe a Wednesday afternoon, and nobody’s there, he keeps it going. He doesn’t say ‘That’s it, we lost money.’ It’s part of his committment to making Salt and the Shipwreck Bar a really special place.”

Salt Waterfront Bar & Grill and the Shipwreck Bar are located at 63 S. Menantic Road at the Shelter Island Boat Yard.

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