A new Marie Eiffel Market opens in Greenport

Marie Eiffel Market is now in Greenport (Credit: Lauren Lustgarten)

Shelter Island’s Marie Eiffel Market is now in Greenport (Credit: Lauren Lustgarten)

Her business empire already includes a women’s clothing store, a children’s clothing store, a catering business, as well as the popular eatery Marie Eiffel Market on Shelter Island.

Now Ms. Eifel is expanding her reach to Greenport, opening a temporary café inside the Village Cinema on Front Street.

“I wasn’t looking for this,” Eiffel said. “It just fell into our lap.”

Every year the Village Cinema hosts a temporary eatery inside its theater lobby. Last year, Noah’s on a Roll occupied the space. This summer owner Josh Sapan personally asked Ms. Eiffel to open a café there.

“He’s a customer,” Eiffel said. “He said, ‘Marie, I love what you do, would you do it in Greenport?'”

While Ms. Eiffel was willing, a major hurdle was the fact that the theater doesn’t have a kitchen, so she had to improvise. Everything is prepared on Shelter Island and ferried over in a truck bought for that specific purpose. Marie Eiffel Market now delivers its popular soups, salads and sandwiches to the Greenport café, where it also serves coffee, soft drinks and snacks.

“People in Greenport have been very welcoming,” Eiffel said. “Sometimes they make special requests, but usually they’re just happy to grab a sandwich or a salad they know is going to be good and healthy and that’s what’s important.”

Marie Eiffel Market will remain in Greenport until mid-September, when the Village Cinema closes for the season.

The new Marie Eiffel Market is located at 211 Front Street in Greenport. Hours of operation are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.