Shelter Island Heights among most expensive ZIP codes

Shelter Island South Ferry

The South Ferry at dusk. (Credit: Eleanor P. Labrozzi, file photo)

11965. One of America’s wealthiest communities?

Shelter Island Heights recently landed on Time’s list of the 10 most expensive zip codes in America. It came in at number 10.

The article, published on October 17, 2016, lists the average home price in the Heights as $2.97 million with the average household income at $140,380.

“It’s not exactly a hotspot of frenzied activity though, with hiking, kayaking, and cycling being the most common activities for the locals,” the story states.

It likely won’t surprise others to know that of the top 10 zip codes, California had five, as did New York. Two zip codes in the Empire State were located in Manhattan, while nearby Sagaponack and Bridgehampton placed at number five and seven respectively.

Knowing the beauty of the Heights, we wondered if it may have made some other lists. What we uncovered is likely to please and annoy Islanders.

On the 2016 list published by “Business Insider” of the 25 most expensive ZIP codes in America, the Heights placed number 10.

But the publication identified this jewel of a community as “the Hamptons’ Shelter Island.”

If there’s anything that Shelter Island is not, most would happily agree, it’s the Hamptons. Please.