Sylvester Manor offering pork and lamb shares

Sylvester Manor lamb

Lamb and pork shares are now available at Sylvester Manor Educational Farm. (Credit: Courtesy photo)

Take it from an insider. One of the greatest winter comforts on the East End is knowing that you have a generous store of fabulous locally sourced food stuffs to sustain you through the coldest days of the year.

Now, in addition to winter root veggies, which will be readily available across the area in the months ahead, also available at Sylvester Manor Educational Farm are whole and half lamb and pork shares.

If you’ve ever fantasized about buying the meat of a whole animal, here’s your chance.

A whole lamb from Sylvester Manor sells for $550 (40 to 45 pounds), and a half lamb is $300 (17 to 20 pounds). All lambs are standard cuts and vacuum sealed in clear plastic freezer wrap, labeled with the name of the cuts and weights.

A whole pig yields anywhere from 50 and 90 pounds of pork and the cost is $12 per pound for either half or whole shares. All pigs are standard cuts, ground pork, fresh ham, and pork belly.
The meat is wrapped in freezer paper and labeled with the name of the cuts.

The meat is not just delicious, the animals it comes from also play an important role in sustaining the health and productivity of Sylvester Manor farm. The lambs are North Country Cheviot, a breed selected because they thrive on pastures that are a work in progress. They are a vital part of the backfield reclamation and restoration efforts on the property.

Buying the lamb helps the farmers keep the land in agricultural use. The manor’s new paddock fencing, completed in early spring of this year, allows the lambs to live on constantly fresh pasture, which results in growing the healthiest animals, and meat possible.

The pigs live in the woods along the edge of Sylvester Manor’s Windmill Field. They are helping to clear out non-native invasive plants that have taken over the forest.
The pigs have plenty of access to water, areas to dig, roots and grubs to eat, shade for protection from the hot summer sun, and mud for wallowing.

These happy hogs also eat seconds vegetables and grain.

Now, with winter setting in, its time for the rest of us to eat well also.

If you’d like to learn more about taking part in the lamb or pork share program, email Andrew at
Incidentally, sharing is encouraged and buying a whole or half lamb or pig and splitting it between a few families makes it more cost effective. The only stipulation is the whole or half must be picked up at the same time.