Shelter Island Heights makes Property Shark’s most expensive zip code list

ELEANOR P. LABROZZI PHOTO | A view from Shelter Island Heights.

A view from Shelter Island Heights. (Credit: Eleanor P. Labrozzi)

Shelter Island Heights is being recognized again in the world of real estate as one of the priciest places in America to purchase a house.

In October, Time magazine listed the Heights (11965) in the top 10 — it ranked number 10 — of the most expensive ZIP codes in America, listing the average house price as $2.97 million and with an average household income of $140,380.

Now, PropertyShark — a New York city based website dispensing real estate information — has the Heights in its 50 most expensive ZIP codes in the U.S., coming in 36th with a median sale price for a house at $ 1.9 million.

That puts the Heights just ahead of San Francisco and trailing Medina, Washington, a town near Seattle.

The real estate website notes that it used a different metric to track home prices than the more-famous Forbes list.

“The main differences between the two rankings is that we took into account strictly sales data, whereas the Forbes findings were based on asking prices for homes on the market for the 90 days ending Nov.18,” Property Shark state. “[This] shifted the balance in favor of ZIP codes with very expensive active listings.”

Topping PropertyShark’s list was the South Fork’s Sagaponack, where the median price is $5.5 million to settle down.

“With its sprawling mansions — that sell for about $5.5 million — this Hampton’s ZIP code is the undisputed leader when it comes to hefty prices and exclusive living,” the website states.