Marie Eiffel ups her pastry game

Pastries made by Marie Eiffel in Paris. (Credit: Marie Eiffel, courtesy)

Shelter Islanders who have tasted pastries at Marie Eiffel Market are in for additional treats this summer.

As part of her usual break in the off season, Eiffel spent a week in Paris with Cyril Lignac, premier pastry chef and frequent Paris television show guest.

He met Eiffel in the United States and they kept in touch. When her pastry chef left last year, she texted him, “Don’t I wish you were here.”

His response was to invite her to Paris for a week to learn his methods — an invitation she couldn’t refuse.

She had hired two young pastry chefs from the City of Lights who were in New York City, but she knew she would need more to maintain the fine pastries for which her market had become famous.

Ms. Eiffel sponsored the two — Alexandra and JB Scordal — who were on visitors’ visas, but needed a sponsor if they were to stay in the United States. That became a process of proving that the talents they have couldn’t be found here.

It will take three years for them to obtain Green Cards, so she is guaranteed to have them here for at least that period. But she wanted to be sure she had the knowledge and ability to back up her staff in the meantime.

So, for 12 hours a day for a week she travelled an hour and a half taking two subways and a bus to get to the training center.

“I crashed every night,” she said.

By the time she completed her intensive baking course, she was armed with new recipes that are already making their debut on her shelves on Shelter Island. They will also be available at the lobby on the Greenport Theatre this summer as she returns to that space for the season.

Marie Eiffel Market is located at 184 N. Ferry Road, Shelter Island.