06/16/17 4:11pm
Bootleggers Alley, Shelter Island

Town Landing at Bootleggers Alley. (Credit: Ambrose Clancy)

In addition to all the attention Shelter Island has been receiving lately from the likes of Coastal Living and other magazines and blogs, now it looks like the Wall Street Journal has officially discovered it too, thanks to a piece that ran on June 15 entitled “Home Buyers flock to Shelter Island” (paywall).

The article begins by touting the fact it takes just five minutes to travel by ferry from the Hamptons to Shelter Island, which it bills as an 8,000 acre island offering “a rich history, scant traffic and gentler prices.” (more…)

06/16/17 9:35am
Sylvester Manor

A herd of Devon cattle explore a newly opened section of pastureland at Sylvester Manor. (Credit: Annette Hinkle)

Farming has been a way of life on the East End for more than three centuries. Although it was once common to see cows grazing in local fields, given sky-high land values and the amount of acreage required to raise them, it’s been decades since cattle have been a regular feature of the East End landscape.

But the cows have come home to Shelter Island. Since mid-May, 33 of them have been happily munching away in the pasturelands at Sylvester Manor Educational Farm. Another 10 or so are set to join them from upstate New York in the weeks ahead. (more…)

06/07/17 10:11am

Matt Murphy at the Ram’s Head Inn. (Credit: Annette Hinkle)

The restaurant at the Ram’s Head Inn is up and running for the season, and manning the kitchen is a new executive chef, Matt Murphy, who owned Antares Café in Greenport from 2000 to 2010.

Murphy is a born chef. At the age of 14, he got his first restaurant job and by 19, he was running a restaurant in Syosset. But as a chef, Murphy notes he really cut his teeth, so to speak, while working at La Colombe d’Or in New York City. He also spent time learning technique in Europe where he cooked both in Paris and in Tuscany.

These days, he’s happy to settle into the pastoral environment at the Ram’s Head Inn where he knows he has access to the freshest ingredients available. In a recent interview, Murphy reflected on how both the business of food — and the customers who eat it — have changed over the decades he’s been in the business.

“I think people have an enormous amount of knowledge compared to previous times,” says Murphy. “With so many TV shows about food, unfortunately, people think they’re experts. But the good thing is, they get it.” (more…)

06/07/17 6:01am

The Horsford Girls ca. 1872. Clockwise from top left: Mary, Kate, Gertrude, Cornelia, Lilian Horsford, taken in Cambridge Mass. Courtesy: New York University Files Library.

The voices of women are generally those most easily lost to history. Deeds, lawsuits and business interests are the documents of men and these are what often can be found in archives when one is doing historical research.

But this weekend, Sylvester Manor Educational Farm opens an intriguing exhibition that focuses on the particularly strong matriarchal lineage that dominated the property for centuries.  (more…)

06/05/17 6:02am

“The 19th Hole” at Flying Goat. (Credit: Annette Hinkle)

If you’re on Shelter Island and looking for a view that’s hard to beat — we know the ideal spot where you can grab a summer cocktail whenever the mood hits.

And with summer almost here, the mood should be hitting right about now.

Of course, we’re talking about the clubhouse at the Shelter Island Country Club where the views go on practically forever in all directions (well, at least to the North and South forks).

It’s just the place to grab a drink after finishing a nine-hole round of golf or when you’re looking to meet up with friends.

A new team headed by John DeLeo is running the clubhouse bar and restaurant this year, and they have also given it a new name — Flying Goat. (more…)

06/05/17 6:01am

Sales of these T-shirts support Sag Harbor Partnership’s efforts. (Credit: Courtesy photo)

In the wake of the massive December Main Street fire in Sag Harbor that devastated several buildings — including the iconic Art Deco Sag Harbor Cinema, a new startup called Surf and Slide Co. has partnered with the non-profit Sag Harbor Partnership to run a T-shirt drive with all profits going toward the Sag Harbor Cinema.

Sag Harbor Partnership hopes to raise $8 million to purchase the cinema site and rebuild it as a non-profit community cinema arts center. The group needs to raise $6 million by July 1. While several big donors have stepped in to help — including Billy Joel whose sizeable donation will ensure the popcorn stand will be named after him — there is still a long way to go. (more…)

06/01/17 11:13am

Jerry Seinfeld made a surprise appearance at Bay Street Theater. (Credit: Michael Heller, Bay Street Theater courtesy)

It was one of those nights to remember at Bay Street Theater.

On the evening of May 27, audiences had packed the Sag Harbor theater for a sold-out show as part of the Comedy Club series at Bay Street and were anticipating a great performance by Colin Quinn.

Comedian Tim Gage opened the show and then announced that a surprise guest would soon take the stage. (more…)