03/21/17 3:06pm
COURTESY PHOTO | A pair of eastern bluebirds captured on birdcam at Mashomack Preserve. WINGSCAPES BIRDCAM PRO CAMERA

COURTESY PHOTO | A pair of eastern bluebirds share a meal in an image captured by birdcam at Mashomack Preserve.

As Mashomack Preserve volunteers gear up in preparation for providing nesting sites for the eastern bluebirds, 57 boxes stand ready to welcome the returning birds for the 17th year of this project.

These nest boxes are set throughout the eight meadows on the preserve that provide excellent bluebird habitat. The past 16 years of monitoring the bluebird nests along with the tree swallows which nest close to them, and now, purple martins, are helping us to spot trends in their habits and movements. (more…)