06/28/15 2:48pm
Just another dusk off South Ferry. (Credit: Eleanor P. Labrozzi)

Just another dusk off South Ferry. (Credit: Eleanor P. Labrozzi)

Those of us who live on Shelter Island know that it’s a unique place and one reason is because if you live here you must use the ferry. (I am aware that many locals have access to the secret tunnel, but the last time I mentioned the tunnel I got in trouble, so let’s not go there. Literally.)

For Islanders, locals, visitors, those just crossing the Island to get somewhere else, rich, poor, young or old — and that covers just about everyone — these ferry boats are the common bond that unites us all. And oh, do we have stories. (more…)

07/31/13 8:00am
shelter island historical society's one day in history

Photo by Beverlea Walz

Take a Saturday in early August, mix in animals, live music, crafts for kids, an auction, good food, a bake sale, demonstrations of what life was like in colonial times, then toss in the rebels, the uniformed 3rd New York Regiment recreating the daily life of soldiers and their families in the late 1700s, and you’ve got One Day in History. (more…)