08/12/15 11:01am

The Chequit. (Credit: Skye Gillispie)

Sailing, shoreline walks and cocktails at Sunset Beach.

A Shelter Island getaway is one of the finest ways to spend your time away from home and the office. But those among us not lucky enough to have friends who own property with a guest cottage and dock rights are going to need a place to stay.

Luckily the inns and boutique hotels of Shelter Island provide attractive and homey accommodations.

From the recently reopened Shelter Island House to The Chequit, the Island’s hottest new inn, you can’t go wrong with a stay at these six properties. (more…)

08/04/15 11:16am
Credit: Skye Gillispie

Credit: Skye Gillispie

One balmy July afternoon, I decided to embark on the Coecles Harbor Marine Water Trail on Shelter Island aboard my standup paddleboard.

Located within the Peconic Estuary — which has been declared a “Last Great Place” by The Nature Conservancy — this five-mile marine trail takes thrill-seekers on an adventure through a wetland filled with a variety of birds, fish, shellfish and turtles. The trail, which also offers glimpses of Taylor’s Island, is a joint project of The Nature Conservancy, Shelter Island Town and Shelter Island Kayak Tours. One of their major restoration goals is the replenishment of the shellfish population through the use of shellfish nurseries and safe environments. (more…)

07/15/15 6:00am
Jewelry for sale inside Marika's Antiques. (Credit: Skye Gillispie)

Jewelry for sale inside Marika’s Antiques. (Credit: Skye Gillispie photos)

While driving on South Ferry Road on Shelter Island, you may notice a bright pink sign reading M​arika’s, a​ mustard colored building and an array of rustic furnishing, modern ornaments and garden statuary scattered throughout its grounds.

That eye catching location is Marika’s Antiques, where will most likely find Shelter Island native, Marika Kaasik, surrounded by an eclectic mix of her findings. (more…)

06/29/15 2:31pm
The North Ferry to Shelter Island. (Credit: File photo)

The North Ferry to Shelter Island. (Credit: File photo)

It’s past midnight on Shelter Island and you’ve just finished a night of dancing at The Dory or cocktails at Sunset Beach. You panic. Have I missed the ferry home? You rush from the bar to the dock only to find the last boat has just set off towards Greenport.

Don’t miss the boat. Here are your handy ferry schedule guides so you don’t find yourself scrambling for last minute accommodations on the Rock.