06/21/16 7:41am

SI Sculpturegarden

Sometimes all it takes is a quick meander off the beaten path to discover something truly amazing.

It could be anything: a scenic spot obscured or a hidden trail revealing something either scary or sublime. Walking along Peppermill Lane recently, the happy surprise was wandering into a sculpture park in the back yard of a world-renowned artist. (more…)

09/01/13 12:30pm
shelter island crescent beach

Photo by JoAnn Kirkland | The scene on Crescent Beach on a perfect beach day.

If you’ve been to Crescent Beach on Shelter Island lately, chances are you’ve seen fellow beachgoers using paddleboards. Some enthusiasts prefer their own boards, but for those who just want to try it out, that’s where Venture Out Shelter Island comes in. Now in its third season, the paddleboard rental and sales company has taken off, and according to manager Matty Stromberg, “We’re busier than ever.” (more…)

08/12/13 12:00pm
shelter island bike shed

Photo by Tara Smith | Cris DiOrio of the Bike Shed opens his doors to the public to use his shop and learn to repair their own bikes for free.

Do you know how to ride a bike? Who doesn’t? But can you fix your bike? Like almost everyone, when it’s time for necessary repairs, many are puzzled by the challenge.

That’s where Cris DiOrio comes in. For the fourth summer in a row, this Shelter Island native has opened the doors to his Bike Shed welcoming bicyclists of all ages and skill levels to use the shop, and learn to repair their own bikes at no cost. (more…)

07/19/13 8:00am
Shelter Island's Reddings Market

Photo by Ambrose Clancy | New owners of Reddings Market, Marie Eiffel, center, and Jason Penney, right, with chef Stephane Verdille.

The Rive Gauche in Paris has long been appreciated as an artistic and intellectual hub, home to countless cafés characteristic of the vibrant city. On Shelter Island, you can find a glimmer of this atmosphere at Reddings Market. (more…)