05/24/17 6:00am

Haul a seine at Mashomack preserve this weekend. (Credit: Bob Muller Flickr/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobx-nc/)

As the weather warms, the waters are coming alive. On Saturday, May 27 from 6:30 to 8 p.m., come to Mashomack Preserve for a little family fun and lend a hand pulling in a 300-foot haul seine to get a close up look at the creatures and plants that live under the sea. (more…)

11/09/16 11:25am

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO As fresh as it gets. Peconic Bay scallops, some of the few the few that showed up on opening day.
As fresh as it gets. Peconic Bay scallops right off the boat, some of the few the few that showed up on opening day.

Monday, was opening day to take bay scallops in New York State waters, an annual and important ritual for the handful of Shelter Island baymen. Long after the once-ubiquitous Peconic Bay scallop stopped showing up, Shelter Island’s fishermen have saved the date. (more…)

05/06/16 6:00am
weakfish skillet

A preheated iron skillet in a hot oven produces a perfectly cooked fillet of weakfish. (Credit: Charity Robey)

To April I say, good riddance. I’m trying not to take it personally, but really what was that stuff that fell from the skies on April 8, like one of the Biblical plagues of Exodus — Sleet? Locusts? Thank goodness the lilac is starting to bloom which means I am about to be treated very well, and I don’t mean Mother’s Day. I’m talking weakfish.

Every year these slim, silvery, spotted fish with yellow fins swim up the Atlantic coast from Florida to New England starting in April. As they pass the East End of Long Island, they are met by an army of anglers, backed by salivating cooks with iron skillets, oiling them up for the feast. (more…)

09/08/15 11:00am
Mike Anglin with grandson (superboy) Nathan Feierstein fish on poles handmade by Nathans great grandfather Jack Calabro. (Credit: Beverlea Walz)

Mike Anglin with grandson (superboy) Nathan Feierstein use poles handmade by Nathan’s great-grandfather, Jack Calabro. (Credit: Beverlea Walz Photos)

The Shelter Island Snapper Derby marked the “unofficial” end of summer this weekend. The event, which has taken place for more than two decades, is sponsored by the Shelter Island Lions Club along with many individuals.

Organized by Islander Darrin Binder and his volunteer staff, the derby took place on Saturday, September 5 at the American Legion Hall.

The derby is really two parts — one to measure the fishing prowess of the anglers and the second to see whose logo design will grace the front of the Derby T-shirts handed out to all the participants at next year’s competition.

More details for the Derby can be found on its website: shelterislandsnapperderby.org.

The winners of the derby are as follows: First place with 55 fish, Luke Lowell Liszanckie; Second place with 44 fish, Nicky Marsh; third place with 38 fish, Evan Weslek; Fourth place with 29 fish, Fay Raya and Anya Buhofsky; Fifth place with 21 fish, Andraos Khuri; and sixth place with 20 fish, Jonathan Rivera.

The winners of the largest snapper contest are as follows: First place, Matthew Minikel  .970 lbs; Second place, Nicholas Minikel .96 lbs; Third place, Christopher Colavito, .95 lbs.; Fourth place, Anthony Colavito, .94 lbs.; Fifth place, Cooper Renault, .535 lbs.; and Sixth place, Sam Cruise, .515 lbs.

The winners of the largest bluefish contest are as follows: First place, Ella Petry, 9.20 lbs.; Second place, Todd Petry  9.06 lbs.; Third place, Faith Leaning, 8.125 lbs.; and fourth place, Francis Reagan, 1.33 lbs.

See photos below.  (more…)

09/02/15 11:38am
COURTESY PHOTO What all the fuss is about — the beautiful and feisty snapper.

What all the fuss is about — the beautiful and feisty snapper.

Hard to believe though it may be, summer is coming to a decisive close over the next several weeks.

The sunsets are rapidly moving farther and farther to the south and the Shelter Island Yacht Club’s cannon blast denoting the evening event is getting earlier almost every day.

Kids are getting ready to go or have gone back to school and most college students are on their respective campuses.

But the big news, the “unofficial” end to fishing festivities for the past 25 years or so is upon us. Of course I’m talking about the annual Snapper Derby, sponsored by the Shelter Island Lions Club along with many individuals. (more…)