06/22/17 6:08am
dory shelter island

The Dory on Shelter Island. (Credit: JoAnn Kirkland)

Looking for a great lobster bake? How about a three-course meal for $25?

Dining out during the week is a great way to save a few pennies. But if you want to live it up on the weekends, these local eateries are also open on Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes with live music.

Check out these great deals below.

06/18/17 8:34am
AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO They're off! The start of Saturday's38th annual Shelter Island 10K.

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO They’re off! The start of Saturday’s 38th annual Shelter Island 10K.

The 38th annual Shelter Island 10K attracted nearly 2,000 athletes Saturday competing under overcast skies, temperatures in the mid-70s and thick, humid air, which took its toll on some runners over the 6.2-mile circuit of the Island. (more…)

06/16/17 4:11pm
Bootleggers Alley, Shelter Island

Town Landing at Bootleggers Alley. (Credit: Ambrose Clancy)

In addition to all the attention Shelter Island has been receiving lately from the likes of Coastal Living and other magazines and blogs, now it looks like the Wall Street Journal has officially discovered it too, thanks to a piece that ran on June 15 entitled “Home Buyers flock to Shelter Island” (paywall).

The article begins by touting the fact it takes just five minutes to travel by ferry from the Hamptons to Shelter Island, which it bills as an 8,000 acre island offering “a rich history, scant traffic and gentler prices.” (more…)

06/16/17 9:35am
Sylvester Manor

A herd of Devon cattle explore a newly opened section of pastureland at Sylvester Manor. (Credit: Annette Hinkle)

Farming has been a way of life on the East End for more than three centuries. Although it was once common to see cows grazing in local fields, given sky-high land values and the amount of acreage required to raise them, it’s been decades since cattle have been a regular feature of the East End landscape.

But the cows have come home to Shelter Island. Since mid-May, 33 of them have been happily munching away in the pasturelands at Sylvester Manor Educational Farm. Another 10 or so are set to join them from upstate New York in the weeks ahead. (more…)