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Baked apples at the Ram’s Head Inn. (Credit: Madison Fender/Ram’s Head Inn courtesy)

This summer, the North Fork and Shelter Island are a canvas of photogenic dessert plates. With an abundance of local, fresh ingredients by talented purveyors, it is no surprise that restaurant chefs have gone above and beyond creating photogenic, edible masterpieces. Cameras and smartphones will be out and ready even before you grab your spoon and fork.

Make your Instagram followers swoon with these six Instagram worthy desserts created by notable chefs of the North Fork and Shelter Island. (more…)

10/22/16 6:00am
Credit: The Chequit, courtesy photo

Credit: The Chequit, courtesy photo

There’s something about crisp, fall nights on the East End that leave people craving a little comfort food.

Luckily for the hungry among us, Chef Cheryl Scarberry understands exactly where we’re coming from. As the executive chef at Red Maple, the modern-American restaurant and bar located at The Chequit on Shelter Island, she has tuned into those fall feelings and created an autumn dinner menu full of locally-sourced rustic plates.

“We really wanted to focus on comfort food and fall produce, like chard, squash and root vegetables,” explains Chef Gayle. “We’ve added heartier dishes and returned with the Snug Menu, which has mac and cheese, smoky shrimp and cheddar blue grits.” (more…)

05/25/16 7:08am
A Shelter Island view from the 'Kissing Rock.' (Credit: Charity Robey)

A Shelter Island view from the ‘Kissing Rock.’ (Credit: Charity Robey)

Shelter Island is more than a charming, boring version of the Hamptons, a bucolic identity that travel writers have stuck on it. The island has welcomed visitors for two centuries with a contrariness that comes with being able to roll up the gangplanks every night and let the rest of the world go to hell. There’s a lot here, especially for people willing to bike or float, and a long summer day is enough time to get a taste.  (more…)

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Card companies, florists and candy shops conspire to keep Valentine’s Day alive, and although options to celebrate may be limited in the depths of an Island February, love will find a way.

While many restaurants have closed for the season, a few are vying for lovebirds to choose their eateries as part of the celebration. (more…)

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(Credit: dmitrykouzov.com)

(Credit: dmitrykouzov.com)

Looking for something to do on Shelter Island this holiday weekend? Shelter Islander has you covered.

Here are 4 events to check out this weekend: (more…)

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Want to do something different for New Year’s Eve? Celebrate it on Shelter Island.

Life may move a little slower there now that the crowds are gone, but several restaurants are still open and will offer a wonderful way to welcome 2016.

Here’s where you can ring in the New Year on the Rock.