05/06/16 6:00am
weakfish skillet

A preheated iron skillet in a hot oven produces a perfectly cooked fillet of weakfish. (Credit: Charity Robey)

To April I say, good riddance. I’m trying not to take it personally, but really what was that stuff that fell from the skies on April 8, like one of the Biblical plagues of Exodus — Sleet? Locusts? Thank goodness the lilac is starting to bloom which means I am about to be treated very well, and I don’t mean Mother’s Day. I’m talking weakfish.

Every year these slim, silvery, spotted fish with yellow fins swim up the Atlantic coast from Florida to New England starting in April. As they pass the East End of Long Island, they are met by an army of anglers, backed by salivating cooks with iron skillets, oiling them up for the feast. (more…)