Shelter Island resident pens ultimate guidebook

_Shelter Island Comprehensive Guide_RGB cover“I live here, I love it here!”

It’s obvious that Melina Wein loves Shelter Island. A resident for 18 years, now she is sharing her love and knowledge in a comprehensive guidebook about the island called “Shelter Island Comprehensive Guide 2015: A Beautiful place to visit, a Great place to live.”

Wein is the name behind M. Wein Realty Inc. on Shelter Island.

“I guess being in the business you get an awful lot of questions and I’m a big proponent of supporting Shelter Island and the businesses and different organizations,” she said. “So we thought why don’t we put together a comprehensive guide, so not only us, but anyone else would be able to see what’s happening on this island.”

When Wein says “we” she means co-author Yvonne Purcell. The two of them worked through this year’s brutal winter to put the book together.

“We contacted everybody who wanted to participate and from that, the book developed,” Wein explained. “We started formulating it in September and started working on it from November, then went to print in the middle of April.”

The paperback guide sells for $9.00 and is sectioned based on activities. Along with categories for accommodations, restaurants and recreation, there are also sections dedicated to community organizations and hiring professional services. The book even includes tide predictions from NOAA through the end of the year, as well as a hurricane preparation guide.

Which begs the question, will there be a “Shelter Island Comprehensive Guide for 2016?”

“It has gotten such an unbelievable response and so much appreciation, more than I ever thought truthfully, that yes, there will be other copies,” Wein said. “Whether it’s yearly or every other year, that’s yet to be decided. We’re in the middle of deciding that now.”

But even if the book is only updated every few years, the information that it contains is so rich and valuable, it should hold up for several years.

“I love everything that Shelter Island has to offer,” Wein said. “I like the pace of the island, I think it’s a beautiful island, so I felt this book was appropriate for all that this island has to offer.”

“Shelter Island Comprehensive Guide 2015: A Beautiful place to visit, a Great place to live” by Melina Wein and Yvonne Purcell is available on for $9.00 and at many Shelter Island stores.  You can also pick up a copy at M. Wein Realty Inc. at 34 North Ferry Road.

"Shelter Island Comprehensive Guide 2015" Author Melina Wein (Credit: Melina Wein)

“Shelter Island Comprehensive Guide 2015” Author Melina Wein
(Credit: Melina Wein)