Things We Love: Marika’s Antiques

Jewelry for sale inside Marika's Antiques. (Credit: Skye Gillispie)

Jewelry for sale inside Marika’s Antiques. (Credit: Skye Gillispie photos)

While driving on South Ferry Road on Shelter Island, you may notice a bright pink sign reading M​arika’s, a​ mustard colored building and an array of rustic furnishing, modern ornaments and garden statuary scattered throughout its grounds.

That eye catching location is Marika’s Antiques, where will most likely find Shelter Island native, Marika Kaasik, surrounded by an eclectic mix of her findings.

For 31 years, Kaasik has owned and operated her one-of-a-kind antique shop offering her customers a diverse assortment of light fixtures, mirrors and indoor and outdoor furnishings

Over time, Kaasik has seen many businesses come and go on The Rock and experienced the taste of her customers transform along the way.

“I seem to do well with country and modern lately. Anything too ornate is not as popular now.” Kaasik said.

“There is a rhythm to my madness,” she commented as she walked through her own antique kingdom, surrounded by pieces old and new, polished and rustic, unassuming and flashy.

That was made clear as she gave detailed descriptions of the various pieces and their importance.

“I like things that are unusual, things that functional.” Kaasik said.

Aside from gathering a variety of pieces, Kaasik also refurbishes, upholsterers and refinishes. One new trend is bleaching fifties furniture with Danish white lye to give it a retro look. Kaasik often has to remind customers that the pieces are not new, but over sixty years old.

While many of her customers are other antique dealers, Kaasik pointed out that she can get more than 200 customers exploring her inventory on a summer weekend day.

“Many people come on a regular schedule, some even every day,” Kaasik said.

To further explore Marika’s Antiques,​v​isit her shop at 6 South Ferry Road on Shelter Island or browse online at

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