Shelter Island artist on display in Pelham, NY

Courtesy Image

Courtesy Image

Island artist Janet Culbertson has nine paintings featured in “The Only Home We Have,” an exhibit on climate change on display through October 24 at the Pelham Art Center. 

According to the show’s curators, “Janet Culbertson has had a strong voice for the environment through her drawings and paintings for over 40 years. Her series, “Billboards,” feature ads of pristine waterways along roads that wind through devastated landscapes. In her latest series, “Industrial Park,” iridescent pigments are combined with collage debris mirroring industrial waste, proving the paradox of untamed nature and rampant exploitation.”

“The eight artists represented are exceptional and inspirational. They have been concerned about the environment and what is happening to our world for many years. This is not a pretty show in the sense of traditional landscape. Rather it is an attempt to show the ravages of the earth — the only home we have — through climate change. The artists communicate their message through the terrible beauty of their art.”

The Pelham Art Center is located on 155 Fifth Avenue in Pelham and can be reached at (914) 738-2525.