Learn the art of art quilting on Shelter Island

'Ripe Tree of Life,' a quilting square by Susan Schrott. (Credit: Courtesy photo)

‘Ripe Tree of Life,’ a quilting square by Susan Schrott. (Credit: Courtesy photo)

Create your own “Tree of Life” art, as a hanging textile piece or a quilt top, using Susan Schrott’s easy and fast method. Ms. Schrott, a textile and mixed media artist, will conduct a workshop at the Shelter Island Library on Saturday, February 20 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

There is no charge for the workshop but you will need to bring supplies. Check at the library’s front desk for a supply list or purchase a kit for $25.

In thinking about your own tree of life, Ms. Schrott suggests the following:

“Visualize your tree in bloom. Consider the time of year. Are your leaves just budding? Are they in full bloom? Is it autumn — are the colors changing? On the other hand, don’t feel limited by what you think a tree should look like. I frequently use fabrics that have nothing to do with reality. For instance, polka dots, squiggles, batiks, stripes — the sky is the limit! Or find inspiration from friends, family and fantasy!”

Register for the workshop at the library and/or call Jocelyn Ozolins for more information at 749-0042.