New happenings at The Chequit

Shelter Island's The Chequit. (Credit: Skye Gillispie)

Shelter Island’s The Chequit. (Credit: Skye Gillispie)

The Chequit is poised to begin its second year under owners Kevin O’Shea and David Bowd, who purchased the inn and restaurant from James and Linda Eklund in fall 2014.

While the hotel and Red Maple restaurant have been open throughout the year, the two men are rolling out a number of changes beginning this week as they mark the official start of the 2016 season.

Salt Supply

The brainchild of O’Shea, creative director of parent company Salt Hotel, The Chequit will launch its retail store Salt Supply on May 27, according to spokeswoman Teresa Delaney. O’Shea has personally selected the merchandise and promises “a distinctive collection of products from small independent designers, craftsmen and manufacturers,” she said.

The store will feature beach supplies, home goods and personal accessories.

Within each category, there will be an eclectic mix of goods and one-of-a-kind pieces that complement vacationers’ wardrobes, decorative touches for customers to purchase as gifts or buy for their own homes and items the traveler may have forgotten to pack.

Souvenirs will also be sold.

White Hill Café

White Hill Café, which debuted last summer, returned April 22. Offering Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee and an array of pastries by Baked, there will be more carry-out foods prepared and packaged by the inn’s Red Maple restaurant.

Under the name “Red Maple to Go” customers will be able to purchase freshly prepared wraps, salads and side dishes for a picnic.

To create what it calls “the ultimate beach picnic,” White Hill Café will sell al fresco dining accessories, including plates, napkins, cutlery, baskets and totes.

On the porch, the café will expand seating for those who want to enjoy coffee and food before embarking on the day.

Red Maple

Red Maple has prided itself on changing its menus to include seasonal specialties, while carrying forward certain dishes that have proven popular year round with its customers.

Many of those favorites are on the menu, now under the direction of new executive chef Gayle Scarberry, who was previously the hotel’s pastry chef.

The menu will continue to feature locally sourced foods, small plates, light fare and entrées that enable customers to create their own dining experiences, according to Delaney.