A scavenger hunt to help familiarize you with Shelter Island

The booklet cover is a map of Shelter Island by Louise Tuthill-Green.

The booklet cover is a map of Shelter Island by Louise Tuthill Green.

Visitors to Shelter Island love the beaches, woods, events and eateries on the island, but first-timers don’t always now the extent of the diversity of the community.

Terry Lucas of the Shelter Island Public Library and Cindy Belt of Mashomack Preserve put their heads together over the winter and came up with the idea of the Shelter Island Scavenger Hunt. 

The Shelter Island Historical Society and Sylvester Manor Educational Farm quickly joined the team and the four organizations have put together a little passport, nicely designed by Jeannette Flynn, which introduces people to 16 interesting places around the island.

Designed to be a family adventure, visitors find each of the sites, answering a question or fulfilling a mini quest at each. In addition to the four main organizations, visitors are encouraged to visit out of the way places such as Kissing Rock, the Quaker Cemetery and Reel Point. Once the Hunt is complete, the families return the booklet for a small prize.

The booklets can be picked up at the circulation desk at the Library, Mashomack’s Visitor Center, the Historical Society’s Havens House Museum or Sylvester Manor’s office on weekdays and the farm stand on weekends. The Shelter Island Scavenger Hunt will run from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends.