Grindstone Coffee and Donuts opens in Sag Harbor

Grindstone's signature honey vanilla bean glaze donut (Credit: Courtesy photo)

Grindstone’s signature honey vanilla bean glaze donut (Credit: Courtesy photo)

If you thought Sag Harbor already had enough coffee shops, think again.

Grindstone Coffee and Donuts, which just opened this week, has already carved out a niche for itself.

Donuts are the main attraction here, but they almost didn’t happen, according to owner Kyle Shanahan, who hails from Cleveland.

“I was going to do coffee and sandwiches, but I wanted to do something a little bit more fun,” he said.

So instead Shanahan spent last winter creating a recipe for his donuts and we’re so glad he did. Made with a brioche dough, all the donuts are made on the premises.

“It’s light and airy, but a bit more dense than a typical donut,” Shanahan said. “So it’s kind of in between a yeast and a cake donut.”

Made from scratch, Grindstone is careful to use only the best ingredients, including King Arthur Flour, which is not bleached or bromated. Milk and eggs are locally sourced, and even their glazes are made in house.

“These are donuts that our great grandparents would have been making,” Shanahan said.

Because the dough is not too sweet, Shanahan says it works well for making both sweet and savory donuts.

“We do an everything bagel donut in the morning that’s doing really well,” he said.

Other regular flavors include cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar chai spice and the Grindstone glaze — a donut with a honey vanilla glaze.

Along with the regulars, Grindstone also mixes things up with daily flavors like blueberry lemon, a strawberry buttermilk donut with sprinkles— which they call their ‘Simpsons’ donut — and a peanut butter glazed donut with chopped peanuts.

“We have fun with it and like to change things up,” Shanahan said. “Today we’re figuring out a vanilla matcha donut that’s going to be bright green and probably popular with the kids too.

A full-time resident of Sag Harbor, Shanahan wants to keep his prices accessible to everyone. The regular donuts cost $2.75, while the flavored ones are $3.50.

If you’re wondering if the coffee is getting lost in all that donut goodness, Shanahan carefully chose a brand that can stand up to all the sweet stuff.

San Francisco’s Four Barrell Coffee is considered a top roaster in the country, according to Shanahan. He says they source their coffees from farms all around the world in an honest and ethical manner.

Expecting a slow start, Grindstone only ordered 50 pounds of coffee for its first weekend and ran out in one day. After more coffee was overnighted to meet the demand, Grindstone has upped its order to 200 pounds a week.

Now serving everything from regular and iced coffee, to lattes and mochaccinos, Grindstone even makes its own almond milk. Shanahan plans to bottle and sell it in the store when things quiet down.

Shanahan has already had a long relationship with food. His stepfather is celebrity chef Michael Symon, who owns several restaurants, has authored cookbooks and appears regularly on the Food Network and ABC’s The Chew. Shanahan says he learned about the business watching his parents build theirs.

“I grew up watching them develop restaurants,” he said. “Now I’m going through the same thing and it’s really fun.”

Having worked in both coffee and donut shops in Cleveland, Shanahan wanted to bring that welcoming atmosphere he encountered in the midwest out to the East End.

“It was always something I really loved,” Shanahan said. “I think people are now finding out that we’re a donut shop that serves amazing coffee.”

Grindstone Coffee and Donuts is located at 7A Main Street in Sag Harbor. For more information call (631) 808-3370 or visit