Sylvester Manor to hold sale on farm-raised lamb and pork

Credit: Sylvester Manor Educational Farm courtesy photo

Credit: Sylvester Manor Educational Farm courtesy photo

Lovers of locally sourced food have long enjoyed the bountiful produce that East End farms provide at this time of year. But this weekend, it’s also possible to bring home some locally raised lamb and pork as well — at bargain prices.

On Saturday, October 1 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sylvester Manor will be selling its farm-raised lamb and pork for 30 percent off regular prices at its Shelter Island Farmstand.

When it comes to buying meat, it doesn’t get much closer to the source than this. It’s also nice to know the backstory on what you eat, and not only is Sylvester Manor’s lamb and pork deliciously fresh, the animals it comes from are helping to maintain the sustainability of the farm.

About the lamb: Sylvester Manor’s Katahdin lambs produce a milder flavor meat than other breeds and these animals are 100 percent pasture raised. The flock is part of the farm’s backfield reclamation and restoration efforts, so buying the meat helps Sylvester Manor keep the land in agricultural use.

About the pork: The pigs that live at Sylvester Manor are a mix of heritage breeds. This year’s breed are Berkshires crossed with Hampshires. The pigs occupy a wooded area along the edge of Sylvester Manor’s Windmill field where they are helpful in clearing out non-native invasive species that populate the forest. The pigs were finished on a diet that was supplemented with acorns, and the folks at Sylvester Manor describe them as, “happy, delicious, old fashioned pigs.”

Dinner is soon to be served. So come early for the best selection and stock up for the winter!

Sylvester Manor Raised Lamb and Pork Sale, Saturday, October 1, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Farmstand, 21 Manwaring Road, Shelter Island. For more information, visit