Shelter Island is a beach town you won’t want to leave: Huffington Post

Bootleggers Alley, Shelter Island

Town Landing at Bootleggers Alley. (Credit: Ambrose Clancy)

Well, it seems as if Shelter Island is quickly developing a reputation as a hot spot for those looking to escape the rate race.

A recent Huffington Post’s story titled “9 U.S. Beach Towns Where You’ll Come For Summer But Stay Forever” includes Shelter Island as one of the “go to” places.

In defining the ideal destination, writer Suzy Strutner started with Coastal Living magazine’s list of the 20 best places to live on the coast and narrowed it down to the nine locales which she felt struck the perfect balance between city and seaside life.

In singling out Shelter Island, she noted that “Celebrities are fans of this 8,000-acre island, which is about a 90-mile train ride — plus a quick ferry jaunt — from Manhattan.”

She also gave Shelter Island props for the fact that a third of it is preserved land —specifically The Nature Conservancy’s Mashomack Preserve — and the rest is dotted with “inns, tennis courts and a historical society.”

As Strutner wrote in her piece, “… each offers a laid-back vibe that can be sustained all year long.“

We get it! But just so you know, Shelter Island is where celebrities come to hide out, not be found. If celebrity spotting is your favorite summer past-time, you’d be far better off setting up shop in Southampton or East Hampton.

Just sayin’.

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